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PBG Team

Sean White

Ken Morin – Project Manager

With 22 years’ experience in the construction industry, Ken has held a variety of positions – Laborer, Lead Carpenter, Project Manager, Estimator, General Manager and Vice President. Ken brings a variety of experience to the Progressive Builders Group team. Before entering the construction industry Ken attended Lawrence Tech for Architecture and he acquired his Residential Builders License in the 1995.

Ken’s experience in construction includes, but is not limited to, Insurance Restoration (water, fire, vehicle damage), Remodeling and Light Commercial.

Ken has estimated and managed projects from $100 to $600,000 and as Estimator and General Manager, from 1996 to 2006, his previous company grew from $500,000 in sales to $4.8 million at its peak.

Outside of construction Ken enjoy’s spending time with family, fishing, and recreational shooting. He has been married to his high school sweetheart since 1995 and has one daughter.

Dave Edwards – Project Manager

David is our newest lead project manager, and brings over 18 years of construction experience and knowledge to each of our projects. Carrying his builder’s license since 2011, David has an extensive background in fire & water restoration and mold remediation on both a residential and commercial scale.

David places an emphasis on ensuring that each project is done correctly. His extensive experience has given him the capability to run a project with the efficiency needed while keeping the customer’s need for fit and functionality at the forefront of the project. David also believes that each aspect of a project needs to effectively coincide with the next and he has a team work mentality that helps to achieve proper and timely completion of each project.


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